Sunday, 15 January 2017

From Morocco to Madrid! Madrid was a lay over for our American friends so we decided to join them and spend a few days exploring. I had never considered Madrid as a holiday destination but I loved it!

It's in Spain so naturally the weather during the summer was amazing!
We cooled down with green juice and pretty fans from a local vendor.
Our first stop was the palace.It;s a stunning building outside and in and well worth a visit.
The interior was beautiful the chandeliers, there is detail everywhere I don't think I've ever seen anywhere that's as opulent.

We sat for a fancy portrait afterwards and enjoyed the gardens in the sun.

Moroccan Dreams

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

On our third day in Marrakech we went in search of camels. 
It was the one thing on everyone's to do list while we where there! 
We met our new friends and were given the option of traditional Moroccan dress. 
Naturally we went for the full outfit.
We did struggle with our headdresses 
but they were definitely necessary in the desert winds.  
Our tour guide was brilliant and had us laughing the entire time.
We couldn't resist a selfie with our new pals. 
That evening we spent at Jemma El Fna the main square in Marrakech. 
The souks are a hive of activity during the day but the square comes alive at night.
There are stalls with souvenirs, food vendors, snake charmers and 
even monkeys running around.
There are loads of restaurants where you can sit and watch the madness from above.
This particular one had the most amazing sink. 
There really is detail everywhere in Marrakech.
A henna tattoo was something I had been dreaming of. 
They are plenty of women selling henna so you can feel free to walk around and haggle.
Which is all part of the fun! 
The locals expect haggling so it's always worth chancing your arm.
The results are pretty cool and mine lasted nearly two weeks.
That night we spent dancing with these amazing women at Palais Jad Mahal. 
A late bar/club with live music and performers. 
It was such a good night out and worth a visit if your in Marrakech!

Spa Day at Mamounia

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Before heading to Marrakech I did a lot of research.
One of the places that kept coming up was Hotel La Mamounia
After visiting I can totally understand why. 
Mamounia is one of the most exquisite hotels I've ever seen.  
The architecture and decor are incredible. 
I don't think their is an inch of this hotel that isn't covered
 in some kind of extraordinary craftsmanship. 
We booked an all day spa deal which included lunch and a spa treatment.
 It was a little bit pricey but it was worth every penny. 
We ate at at one of Mamounia's many restaurants. 
Although it wasn't traditional Moroccan cuisine the food was superb. 
Then it was onto the Spa. I got a massage with Moroccan oils. 
It was so relaxing and just what we needed after the hustle and bustle of the souks.
After our treatments we relaxed in the indoor pool which literally felt like a dream. 
We went for a stroll around the gardens to finish off the day. 
Admiring the tiles as we went.
We stopped for ice cream in the hotels very own ice cream bar. 
Which was very welcome in the crazy heat. 
The entire experience from start to finish was amazing. 
The place just oozes opulence and style. 
Mamounia is definitely worth a trip if your visiting Marrakech.

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